Fish Oil Supplements

Whether or not you’re taking omega-3 fish oil supplements, you probably know someone who is, or have heard about their health benefits. But have you heard that many supplements have high levels of toxic contaminants such as PCBs?


According the EPA, “PCBs are probable human carcinogens and can also cause non-cancer health effects, such as reduced ability to fight infections, low birth weights, and learning problems.”

For 40 years, the Monsanto Company held a monopoly on PCB production in the US. When a former plant manager was asked in a deposition whether Monsanto ever shared their data about PCB hazards with the community, he replied, “Why would they?”

Unfortunately, most manufacturers and retailers of omega-3 fish oil supplements seem to be taking the same approach. The industry seems very aware that fish oil supplements can be high in PCBs, which is why many companies say their products have been treated to “remove” or “reduce” PCBs.

But our tests—and others like them—show that some major brands of supplements sold by large retailers still contain widely varying levels of PCBs.


1. Nature Made Cod Liver Oil
2. Nature Made Odorless Fish Oil
3. TwinLab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
4. TwinLab Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
5. Now Foods Shark Liver Oil
6. Now Foods Double Strength Cod Liver Oil
7. Now Foods Salmon Oil
8. Solgar 100% Pure Norwegian Shark Liver Oil Complex
9. Solgar Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
10. GNC Liquid Norwegian Cod Liver Oil