About Us

Benson Chiles and Chris Manthey are the co-founders of FishOilSafety.com.

Chris and Benson first became friends in 2004 while working together to promote sustainable fisheries and habitat protection in the United States. They have continued their collaboration since that time, focusing on marine ecosystem health.

While promoting sustainable management of ocean resources through traditional venues, they became aware of the “dirty little secret” of the fisheries industry: contamination of fish from legacy toxins like PCBs.  Because the public is not yet fully aware of the potential health risks associated with fish—particularly farmed fish and fish oil products—Chris and Benson launched FishOilSafety.com as a tool for consumers to become informed and to ask industry and regulators to provide meaningful, accurate information about the levels of these contaminants in fish products.

Benson Chiles is a consultant to environmental organizations who has worked as a public interest advocate throughout his career. He fishes for striped bass and bluefish in his home waters near Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Chris Manthey is an avid surfer and fisherman, with a background in corporate and environmental research.